Home Jewellery Cleaning

Home Jewellery Cleaning

Can Home Jewellery Cleaning Be Recommended?

Home jewellery cleaning is necessary for items that are very sensitive and cannot be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaners without guidance or by other professional techniques. The items like emeralds, pearls, and opals may be damaged by ultrasonic cleaners if you do not adjust frequency. These sensitive items can be cleaned by yourself at your home without the use of any cleaner.

Home jewellery cleaning is generally done by a newly prepared solution of washing up liquid and a toothbrush. You need to select suitable detergents for solution that match with the features of your jewellery. If you do not have information about the selection of required detergents then you need to consult with professional cleaners for guidance.

Home Jewellery Cleaning – Advantages and Disadvantages

Keep in mind that the small stones in your jewellery cannot bear pressure. You need to clean them gently otherwise the loosed stones will come out. A bristle toothbrush will help you to clean jewellery even behind the stones. If you have noticed that your Jewellery has loosed stones then it will be better to remove them before cleaning.

There are some classes of stones that are coated with a dark pigment in order to decrease their shininess or to give them any other color. In such cases we cannot use ultrasonic Jewellery cleaners, because those cleaners will remove the upper surface of stones.

The small home based ultrasonic Jewellery cleaners have an option to adjust their frequency for different classes of jewellery. Variable frequency of ultrasonic cleaners helps the users to clean their sensitive jewellery at their home.

Home Jewellery Cleaning and how to do it

If you are an expert in adjusting the frequency of jewellery cleaners then there is no danger in cleaning your sensitive jewellery with the help of cleaners. Small digital ultrasonic jewellery cleaners can be adjusted according to your need.

Digital display screen will inform you about the range of frequency when you will enter the name of your jewellery like pearls, opals, and emeralds. Keep in mind that high frequency is best to remove dirt from tiny holes of jewellery. But this high frequency may damage the sensitive layer of your jewellery, so in such cases try to adjust low frequency.

Low frequency then looses the dirt from items and this dirt can be removed with the help of a soft brush. The cleaning of the jewellery will save you from fake cleaners. Some jewellery cleaners only want to earn profit.

Home jewellery cleaning will not only save your money but also you can maintain the beauty of your jewellery. If you are not good in using domestic ultrasonic jewellery cleaner then you need to take training. It is very simple to adjust frequency of an ultrasonic cleaner but you should not take any risk if you are not trained.

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